The Fullmetal Alchemist Manga/anime- A Review

The first of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, it has a distinct anime style that’s ever so slightly different from the animated movie. It’s a neat adaptation of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga that was written by Hiromu Arakawa.

Sam was in love with his brother and he hoped that his father would have a son of his own, but instead, the main character is born with his brother’s body. This means that he is the boy’s half-brother. The father of the boy (who is named Al) is an expert chemist and engineer who love to experiment and create different weapons and energy sources.

Before this boy can even start learning about the world around him, he is captured by the military where he was kept in a cruel and well-equipped prison called “Armory”. There, he witnessed a man being tortured and forced to eat poison before finally dying. He then hears voices that tell him that he will be able to defeat the villain of the story.


The villain happens to be the robot named Fullmetal Al, who is based on the future Fullmetal Alchemist from the world of the manga. The robot himself becomes Al’s greatest enemy. It has a lot of evil plans, including destroying all of the world and killing Sam’s father. The boy knows that he must find the antidote to his father’s poison as soon as possible or else he’ll be killed too.

He finds the antidote in the form of a pot that used to belong to Gut the swordsman in the anime series. It’s a good thing that Guts is his best friend, because there’s no way that he could do this alone. The boy rescues the boy’s little sister, Lucy, who was also taken hostage. And so, they both go on a journey together with their dog Doc, a wolf.


It turns out that the Pot can turn himself into a fully functional human being with a very powerful brain, but he doesn’t have the fullness of life that the boy does since he has none of the boy’s sword and arm. The man doesn’t have to use them because of his insanity, which renders him totally helpless against the boy.

The boy’s sister then make the Fullmetal Alchemist family their enemy and go out on a battle with them. They defeat their enemies and make another run for freedom. But instead of taking them to the future, however, they end up in the present. There, they are treated like criminals and are sentenced to death for committing crimes that they did not commit.

The boy and the girl then run away in a time-travelling car that’s supposedly owned by the Fullmetal Alchemist. While in this vehicle, the girl’s “mother” appears and the two escape from the prison and go back to the past. They try to avoid destroying the place they’re currently in and live a normal life.

A month later, though, they meet a boy who is in the exact same position as the ones the alchemist’s family had fallen into. And he is finally able to discover the truth about his past. Soon, the two of them meet Guts, who is still alive and that is the beginning of a very interesting and most surprising friendship.


I really liked it because of its very unique story and all the images that were drawn into the particular anime. However, there are some scenes that aren’t what I’d call well-drawn, even though the art is a bit less on the artistic side. So, if you’re interested in reading this particular manga, you should be prepared to put up with some ugly and sometimes ugly drawings that are done in a style that is very cartoonish.

Overall, I thought this manga was a very good read and I really enjoyed it, especially the whole plot of the story. because it made me think about different things and it gave me some insight on how I should keep my life as well as other things I should avoid.

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