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Hestia is an anecdotal character who shows up in Fujino ┼îmori’s light novel arrangement Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? what’s more, its manga and anime transformations. The arrangement is set in the anecdotal universe of Orario, where individuals join bunches called Familia run by divine beings and goddesses, who serve a scope of capacities from prison slithering to making things. Hestia herself is the head and occupant god of the Hestia Familia a little and at first humble gathering whom from the outset contained just herself and hero prison pioneer Bell. In the wake of neglecting to select anybody into her gathering, and Bell being not able to join any of the bigger, more legitimate Familias, the two unite in this manner starting their undertakings in the arrangement.

Hestia Hentai has gotten a very famous and fairly a breakout character in anime and manga being a fan. She has likewise showed up in a few authority DanMachi related product, and has been the subject of positive gathering, with pundits zeroing in on her relationship with Bell, engaging quality, and part in the arrangement. She has additionally gotten a famous subject of cosplay, causing a pattern in Japan where ladies endeavored to recreate her notorious outfit.


Hestia Hentai is a lovely and dainty Goddess with a young appearance. She has blue eyes and mid-thigh length dark hair integrated with two twin tails which reach down to her mid-thighs. Her hair is attached with hair embellishments that element blue and white petals alongside ringer formed decorations. She has a little casing (4′ 7″), which further stresses her bosoms, thus the moniker “Loli Big-boobs.” Her standard clothing is a white small scale dress with a blue strip around her neck and one tied under her bosoms around her arms, and a couple of white gloves. She is normally shoeless, however at times wears a couple of white flip-flops.


Hestia Hentai is a sort and enthusiastic Goddess. She additionally fantasies about being involved with Bell and considers Ais to be different young ladies as her adoration rivals. In spite of this, she recognizes the offspring of the lower world. Hestia is additionally a diligent employee, maintaining two sources of income just to take care of her obligation for the Hestia Knife. Notwithstanding, she additionally has fairly a sluggish side as she remained with Hephaestus until she was constrained out and later required a significant stretch of time to look for some kind of employment.


In the wake of dropping to the Lower World, Hestia was dealt with by her companion Hephaestus. Before long, she was approached to live all alone after she continued freeloading off of Hephaestus’ familia and was given a room at an unwanted church.

Hestia attempted to make her own familia, however couldn’t enlist anybody. Subsequent to neglecting to select for the 50th time, she saw Bell and chose to subtly follow him. Hestia discovered that Bell had been attempting to enter a familia, yet was dismissed on various occasions and appeared to be in a comparable situation. Hestia at that point took the risk to select him, which Bell joyfully settled after; turning into the principal individual from her familia. She took Bell to a book shop, the area she previously chose heretofore, and conceded her Falna to her first reliant.


Anime News Network’s Rebecca Silverman, in a survey of the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime, composed that “Chime and Hestia have a pleasant, happy with feeling to their relationship. Indeed, Hestia’s unmistakably infatuated with him, yet there’s as yet a comfort to their associations that feels both normal and endearing.” She further composed, in a rundown of the “Best Anime of 2015” where DanMachi positioned third, that “the science between the leads, spunky youthful explorer Bell Cranel and the goddess Hestia is fabulous, with the glow of their relationship coming through in the liveliness, yet in addition in the characters’ voices. With or with no sentiment the two make an extraordinary pair, and the way that Hestia plainly needs something more from their relationship than Bell does doesn’t degrade the manner in which the two get along is really astonishing.

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