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Mercy is a player character showing up in the 2016 computer game Overwatch, a Blizzard Entertainment–created group based first-individual shooter, and its related enlivened and scholarly media. Lucie Pohl voices Mercy in English-language Overwatch media.

Inside the Overwatch account, “Kindness” is the callsign of Swiss specialist Angela Ziegler, who offered key clinical help for the first Overwatch bunch. In game, she is a Support class character who can recuperate and buff colleagues and restore fallen partners. The character is one of the more well known in the game, being noted by Blizzard to be the most played help character during the game’s beta. Be that as it may, her restore capacity has been reprimanded in aggressive and proficient play levels, given the swing in energy the capacity makes, and she has gone through a significant modify by Blizzard to attempt to make her an all the more balanced playable legend.


In Overwatch, Mercy is named having a “support” job, explicitly as a healer for her group. As a healer, a player utilizing Mercy Compilation can see shaded phantom pictures of their partners through any impediment, with the shading demonstrating their wellbeing levels, and when in-sight, can see the wellbeing bar of the colleague. Benevolence is furnished with the “Caduceus Staff” and “Caduceus Blaster”. The Caduceus Staff has two terminating modes: the essential fire, when associated with a partner recuperates them however long they are fastened to the mending stream, while the auxiliary fire buffs a partner’s harm yield. The Caduceus Blaster is a little gun which can bargain viable harm at short proximity, yet is generally frail. In spite of the fact that Mercy comes furnished with the Caduceus Blaster, a short proximity gun, Kotaku noticed that numerous Overwatch players disparage hostile disapproved of Mercy players, alluded to as “Fight Mercies”, as shooting the gun reduces time from recuperating colleagues.

Advancement and plan

Benevolence was one of the initial twelve Overwatch Porn characters presented at Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2014 occasion. A Polygon story covering the occasion noted Mercy was furnished with fluffy wings, a mending stream, and a gun. Kindness is voiced by Lucie Pohl, a German-American voice entertainer. While Blizzard had been attempting to discover an entertainer local to the space that could play out a decent Swiss-German intonation, they discovered Pohl’s inflection to be useful for the character and chosen her all things considered, as per lead author Michael Chu. In idea workmanship for Overwatch, before her last plan, Mercy had been addressed as a person of color with white hair and an expansive form, however in any case having comparable outfits and capacities as the delivered rendition.

Anecdotal character history

Mercy’s anecdotal life story records her genuine name, age, and headquarters: Angela Ziegler, 37, and ZĂĽrich, Switzerland, separately. The anecdotal bio likewise describers her as “an unmatched healer, a splendid researcher, and a firm backer for harmony.” In the Overwatch universe, she is known to have been subsidiary with Overwatch, being their head of clinical exploration, and working as a field doctor and person on call while with them. She climbed to these situations in Overwatch through turning into the top of a conspicuous Swiss clinic, after which she fostered a leap forward in the field of applied nanobiology, which pulled in the consideration of Overwatch. Despite the fact that she couldn’t help contradicting the aggressive techniques carried out by Overwatch, she utilized their assets to foster her winged Valkyrie quick reaction suit. Kindness wound up at chances with her bosses and others in Overwatch, in spite of her clinical commitments. Kindness is additionally referenced in Genji’s anecdotal life story, with one line expressing, “Hanzo accepted that he had murdered his sibling, however Genji was protected by Overwatch and the intercession of Dr. Angela Ziegler.”


Benevolence has been noted as one of the more prominently utilized characters in Overwatch; during the game’s open beta she was the most played help class character. Benevolence’s Witch skin for the game’s Halloween-themed occasion was noted by Polygon to be very well known with Mercy players. Following her major redo in September 2017, Mercy has been discovered to be generally picked as at any rate one healer in a group in serious play, and on the grounds that these progressions expect her to be nearer to battle, the idea of a “Fight Mercy” who blends both recuperating in with assaults acquired prominence at higher-positioned play.

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