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Serena is a Pokémon Trainer, a Performer from the Kalos district and one of Ash Ketchum’s voyaging sidekicks during his excursion in the Kalos area. Her primary objective is to be named Kalos Queen, the most noteworthy esteem reachable for Pokémon Performers.

She and Ash met before the occasions of the series, where Ash helped her in her period of scarcity. She fostered a pulverize on him from that day on, and it became one of her most eminent qualities, clear through her becoming flushed at whatever point she takes a gander at, converses with or is astonished by him while engaging.


Serena is a fair‐skinned young lady with light blue eyes and waist‐length nectar blonde long hair that is tied in a free braid toward the end, with hits hanging against the left side. Later on in the series, subsequent to losing her first Showcase, she trims her hair to jaw length.

Her first outfit comprised of a dim tank top with a middle class, dull dim thigh‐high socks, red twofold midriff side buttons creased skirt, dark high‐tops with a pink semi‐Poké Ball imprinting on the sides—comparable in plan to Hilda’s—and a dim pink cap combined with a dark hatband and strip bow. Serena marks a re-visitation of basing Ash’s female friend off of that age’s female player character in the computer games. In any case, Serena is likewise quick to have gone through minor surface level changes for the progress to the anime, though May and Dawn continued as before. Among the superficial changes are:


Serena is an exceptionally kind and considerate young lady, in spite of the fact that she was insubordinate and ignored her mom toward the beginning of her excursion. Notwithstanding her consideration, she is extremely useful, consistently worried about the thing her companions are doing, particularly Ash, and makes an honest effort to keep their spirits up. She likewise has an energy for design and garments, continually looking for the prettiest and most sleek outfits to wear. Therefore, she detests getting filthy and being absorbed mud. Similar as May, Serena likewise worships evaluating the different famous food spots in urban communities and towns, particularly treats. Notwithstanding, not at all like May, Serena is extremely humble and coy ‐ at one point in the anime, she nearly got harmed when she decided to hold her skirt down while falling as opposed to making a protected landing. She likewise gets extraordinarily bothered and humiliated effectively, particularly when somebody prods her with regards to her not‐so‐secret crush on Ash. She additionally effectively gets envious in the event that somebody, as Miette, endeavors to remove Ash from her.

Initially, Serena was unsure with regards to what ways or professions to seek after throughout everyday life, and she additionally communicated little desire towards turning into a full‐time Pokémon Trainer in the beginning phases of her excursion, while her mom needed her to be a Rhyhorn racer. Nonetheless, in the wake of seeing Ash, Clemont, Shauna and everybody around her explanations behind going was to accomplish their fantasies, she in the long run started to feel that not having a set up objective was an issue for her future as a Trainer. Ultimately, she concluded that her objective was to be a Pokemon Porn Performer, and since the time she has been persistently preparing both herself and her Pokémon. In the wake of losing her first Pokémon Showcase, Serena fortified her determination to improve, implying this by trimming her hair short.

Through her excursion, Serena went through an incredible change as a part of her character. She turned into an extremely still up in the air young lady, as displayed when she helped herself to remember Ash’s saying, “Don’t surrender until it’s finished!”, and when she would endure shots for her Pokémon. Notwithstanding, Serena in some cases faulted herself for issues that happened or at whatever point she battled with her companions, in spite of everybody around her telling her that it was OK or guaranteeing her that it wasn’t her issue.


Serena is demonstrated to be a gifted pastry specialist as she appreciates baking for her companions and Pokémon oftentimes, yet she likewise has ability in cooking. She additionally has a few abilities in Rhyhorn dashing because of her mom being a racer, on account of the childhood she has a remarkable appeal with regards to them and they practically all float towards her undoubtedly. Additionally, Serena Porn realizes how to lift individuals’ spirits up at whatever point she sees anybody down. She has consistently attempted to brighten up Ash during Pokémon fights. Serena has become an incredible entertainer and artist, displayed in the exhibits she entered. She turned into a decent battler, as she watched Ash’s fights for an extensive stretch, and ended up being very acceptable at fishing as well.


Elegance needed Serena to be a Rhyhorn racer like her, however when she sees Serena’s energy for performing, Grace starts to acknowledge Serena needs diversely and regards her girl’s choice to contend in exhibits. Serena finds the garments her mom picks for her unfashionable. Notwithstanding this, Serena actually likes her mom, who concedes that she saw an adjustment of Serena on her excursion and was pleased with the individual she became.


At the point when she was more youthful, Serena came to Kanto to went to Professor Oak’s Pokémon Summer Camp at Pallet Town. At some point, Serena was lost in the forest while attempting to search for the remainder of her gathering, bringing about herself getting injured in the wake of getting alarmed by a Poliwag. Serena separated crying then, at that point, heard a sound from the hedges then, at that point, got terrified as she suspected it was one more Pokemon Porn Comics however it ended up being a little youngster named Ash, who was searching for a similar Poliwag, and he went to her guide as he accompanied her out. Since that day, Serena kept the tissue he utilized as a gauze as a way of recalling the caring demonstration and motivating exhortation he gave her.

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