Sword Art Online Anime Review

In this discussion I will discuss the Sword Art Online (SAO) anime. I do not know if anyone has ever heard of it, but I guess a lot of people have watched the anime. It is quite the serious anime.

The whole anime has a time period in it. It covers about four years in the storyline, starting with the character Kirito becoming a player on an online virtual world. He lives in a house with his family and as time passes he starts meeting others in the virtual world. Other players also join his guild.

Sword Art Online

One player that gets introduced to him eventually becomes a member of his guild as well, and they fight together in the game. As the story continues they get into more situations involving the sword art online, the players form their own guilds and guild wars begin to be fought. The action gets more intense as more people are introduced to the game.

As I have mentioned before, this anime is a serious one. The anime takes on many serious subjects including sexism, violence, and other issues that may not be suitable for all viewers.

The anime is in English, although other languages like Japanese and Korean can be seen in some episodes. There are many big names that were involved in the production of the anime. These names are Katsuhiro Harada (the creator of the Sword Art Online), Atsushi Inaba (another creator of Sword Art Online), and Naoko Takeuchi (who directed all episodes of the anime). All of these names should have been enough to make the anime a serious anime, but that is not the case.

What about fans?

This anime does have many fans too. It has several ones who have taken a serious interest in it and watched it. However, this anime is not for everyone. In fact, some fans have stated that they do not want anything to do with this anime. It is true that this anime can be quite depressing at times.

Many feel that the main characters in the anime are unlikable, and that there are not many great deals to the storyline. However, some of the things that are shown in the anime are actually true. It also gives the audience a very realistic look at what it feels like to live a normal life and be in a virtual world.

The drama and action in the anime were quite hilarious. The action scenes in the anime were amazing to watch. I could even picture the fights with the anime making them come to life. It was really a good feeling watching the anime and the fights.

Manga and light novels

The manga and light novels that were released in Japan really helped sell the anime. Many fans of the anime bought this manga or light novels in order to read them. As the anime was becoming more popular and people were becoming more involved in the world of Sword Art Online, the manga or light novels began to increase in popularity as well. So, not only were fans buying the manga to read, but they were also buying it to support the anime as well.

The anime is a very serious anime, but there are times when it does show the lighter side of things as well. For example, one of the characters in the anime saves a dying woman who was injured in a fight with a player. The survivor of the fight comes to his house to thank him and expresses her gratitude and love towards him.

When I was watching the anime, I realized that the woman who thanked Kirito had a daughter. So, at the end of the anime the daughter visits Kirito’s house, and is helped out by him when he needed it. I really liked this part of the anime and really liked the fact that the anime made it seem so real.


I personally think that the Sword Art Online anime is a very interesting and enjoyable one. I am of the opinion that Kirito is the most interesting character in the anime.

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